Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Green Revolution

Amidst the urban decay of post-industrial centers like Detroit, someone is meeting a need for revolution. It is a revolution of access and opportunity. It is a revolution of the body and what we put into it. It is a revolution of lifestyle. Across this nation, large numbers of folk who live in the most depressed urban areas have access to plenty of liquor and non-healthy food (if you want call it food).

Again in Detroit, and similar cities, there are plenty of liquor stores, and no grocery stores...places that call themselves groceries do not have the type of produce that is needed to provide folk with quality diets. Such situations are ripe for those who are socio-economically dispossessed to continue to be so. But this is how capitalism works right? There are "winners" and "losers", are they not?

Despite the lack of federal and state support, "Five days a week, the Peaches & Greens truck winds its way through the streets as a loudspeaker plays R&B and puts out the call: "Nutritious, delicious. Brought right to you. We have green and red tomatoes, white and sweet potatoes. We have greens, corn on the cob and cabbage, too." So instead of the ice cream truck coming through the neighborhood there is fresh produce.

I am glad to see "Peaches and Greens" step up to the plate to start the revolution that began with the election of the 44th President. Now if we could just get the true "Green Revolution" to catch on in other cities...St. Louis, Pittsburgh, New York City, Roxbury, etc.

Read more about Peaches and Greens" HERE.


youheardthat said...

I totally agree with your call for a green revolution, but I hate to disagree with you on your point about the 44th president of the US and argue that, at this point, Obama and his administration are FAR from revolutionary. The recent attempt to reform the health care system has proven that this country remains controlled by corporations, that democrats are more interested in politics than in policy, and that Obama and those that work for him are just as bought as the rest of those government officials more interested in re-election than in helping the people. As long as Obama remains beholden to the corporate control of this country, he remains part of the force AGAINST which the real revolutionary energy must push. Only recently would I make such a claim about Obama and his administration, but the news that Obama is likely to cave on the public option and choose to fight with progressives instead of with republicans and corporations leaves me utterly frustrated and dismayed. I apologize that this is a bit of a tangent to the issue at hand--but it’s not really, since we are talking about reforming the systems whereby the socio-economically disempowered gain access to healthy lives.

Bomopregha said...

The green revolution is definitely spreading with popularity of food chains, like Whole Foods and Trader Joes, spreading throughout the country. Living in Harlem, there are a growing number people who are now going downtown to shop for their foods and to get more of a variety. Urban neighborhoods are demanding much more of the stores especially since the recession has curved massive spending; they are always looking for deals and not willing to pay for just anything. I know I even witnessed a person on 125th yesterday, saying not another store; I'm not spending anymore money.
As for the comment above, I ask since when has the American government been revolutionary, well at least in terms of not pleasing industry. Party politics in America is a system of appeasements. I believe Obama is trying to revamp the Democratic Party that Bill Clinton made centrist. Unfortunately, since over the course of last two presidencies before Obama, the government has been influenced by industry and the needs of our nation’s capitalist ideals. However, I feel that Obama is more inclined to have a policy driven presidency overtime because he is very persistent and willing to change the country by at least making a separation of the party systems more apparent again. I hope he is able to revamp the health care system so that all of the political pundits can get off his back and he can show he is not a repeat of past presidencies.
Revolution happens through the masses’ demands of their government and the want for reformation. So, the American people, as much we want Obama to change policy and be more progressive, must demand that of their government. A lot of the talks and lobbying on capital hill are the proponents of industry. If more American people supported his health care reform more publicly and demanded their representatives in congress to provide them with their wants, their will eventually be change. Obama is only one person and we need to as a people return to what this country is known for, the power of the people to influence change in government.

negrointellectual said...


My thought about a revolution from the standpoint of the election of President Obama is the fact that a black man was elected to the office of president. Folks to the far Right are still trying to digest that one (just look at Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Beck...or the recent discussions by some parents in Florida and Texas to take their children out of school as NOT to be indoctrinated by Obama's socialist ideology).

Rest assured I have no preconceived notions about what he can and cannot do. Even imperial presidencies like Jackson, Nixon, and our beloved "Dub-ya' have their limitations.

Obama's election has had a huge effect on youth. The image of his family in the White House is a drastic change from anything we have seen.

With regard to the politics...yes, he is dealing with the same entities that his predecessors have. Big corporate interests are not going anywhere anytime soon. For that to happen the citizens will have to be more involved and informed.

Obama, as I have said several times before is a watershed moment, nothing more, nothing less. The issue is will we, as Americans remain awake during a period of revolution or sit idly and "eat, drink, and be merry," like the "rich man" from the biblical parable.

youheardthat said...

Certainly, from the perspective of a politics of representation, the inauguration of the 44th President of the U.S. is a "revolutionary" occasion. I grant you that. And I agree that the right-wing pundits flying off their rockers over him speaks to the representational impact of the Obamas in the White House--and images mean everything in radical cultural transformation! Still, I've come to realize in these past days that nothing is going to change in the political system in this country until we pass campaign finance reform. Only then can politicians actually respond to the masses and not the lobbies.

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