Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Right On Stephen A!

I don't know about you, but I am really appreciating former ESPN contributor, Stephen A. Smith's socio-political commentary. On the Ed Show on MSNBC, he lets this guy from PETA have it! They get into a discussion about whether or not Michael Vick should play in the NFL.

The issue that I find more disturbing that the PETA representative says Michael Vick needs to undergo a psychological evaluation--by a neurologist and psychologist, then maybe he can play football. Yes, you read right, he says Vick should have a brain scan! Don't take my word however, watch for yourself.

Is it just me or is Vick becoming a modern day Bigger Thomas?

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youheardthat said...

Mmm, yes…another Bigger Thomas…sounds right: Vick is stripped of any subjectivity, agency, or ability to speak for himself and becomes a cipher for the projection of the racialized fears of the dominant culture…and like the invisible man, now they want to “scan” his brain, or better yet, lobotomize him to keep the streets safe from his bestial rage…Because of the biopolitical history in this country of pseudoscientific obsession with the black (male) brain, I am highly skeptical of the PETA president’s desire to go there with Michael Vick. The alleged mental deficiencies of black men have been discursively linked to the myth of black male bestiality from Robert Nixon (the murder suspect upon whom the character of Bigger Thomas was based) to Rodney King—the latter labeled in the Chicago Tribune as a “jungle beast,” and the former called by the LAPD a “gorilla in the mist.” In both cases their alleged subhuman status was linked to mental deficiency and inborn criminality…That’s why I am saying: leave Vick’s brain out of it!...in any case, I like what PETA activist Alec Baldwin wrote on the Huffington Post today about how corporate laboratories are far more responsible for heinous treatment of animals, and on a disproportionate scale compared to the mere NFL player--similar to how Native Son eventually points to how Mr. Dalton is to blame for creating the conditions in the South Side kitchenette buildings he owns that produce the "Bigger Thomases," so to speak, of the world. Check out the Baldwin post here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alec-baldwin/michael-vick-black-sheep_b_260990.html

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