Sunday, October 05, 2008

SNL gets it right...

Glad to see someone understands what is going on...Why is it the case that we have gotten more insightful and hard-hitting political analysis from our comedic outlets like Saturday Night Live (SNL) and Comedy Central's "Daily Show"? I guess famed writer, and fellow Missourian, Mark Twain was right about the power of satire...too bad the "Joe Six-packs" and "Pit-bull Hockey Moms" won't understand. They'll be at the Bass Pro Shop talking about how connected they feel to Palin.

"One can deliver a satire with telling force through the insidious medium of a travesty, if he is careful not to overwhelm the satire with the extraneous interest of the travesty."
-Mark Twain

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the uppity negro said...

I enjoyed Queen Latifah as Gwen Ifill seeing as how SNL has no black females and Darell Hammond seems to be the only one qualified to play a black guy (Jesse Jackson) and get away with it.

But I wish they had pushed Ifill's satire a bit farther by actually having her question Tina Fey on the stupidity of her fluff questions.

And I'm quite sure the Joe SixPacks and the plethora of hockey moms across this country *rolls eyes* are sayin that there was nothing wrong with the New Yorker cover over the summer, but that some of this is over the top.

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