Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin's Politics of Pimping her daughter...

Check out CNN political commentator and radio host, Roland Martin, go off about Governor Palin and the politics of race, abortion, and why the Democrats need some attack dogs (among other things). I'll share my thoughts later. Enjoy Bro. Martin!


Veronica said...

I love when I hear other people say exactly what I have been saying. It just confirms that I am right...AS USUAL! lol j/k
But forreal, Roland Martin is cool and he was definitely correct when he gave McCain a "D" for his dried up speech at the RNC.

As far as Palin goes and the applauds for her and her daughter...give me a break. If Obama's daughters were older and if it were one of them, they would slaughter them.
People would begin to use stereotypical names, "baby mama" and "baby daddy." (they already called Michelle Obama a "baby mama")It would be nothing pretty. But here you have a white "hockey team mom" running for VP and now we want to applaud her because her daughter is keeping the baby. Give me a break.
Oh and she is going to marry the father of her child.
I'm still not impressed!

Palin is pimping her daughter...the same as McCain is pimping Palin.

Sean Hannity cracks me up...when Jamie Lynn Speas (Zoey from Nickelodeon/Britney Spears little sister) got pregnant he said that her mom was a bad parent. Bristol Palin is pregnant...and he says that these are normal issues that go on in a family and everyone can relate and it doesn't make Sarah Palin a bad parent because no one's family is perfect.

*shaking my head*

Veronica said...

And another thing...

All long people are saying, "well you shouldn't vote for this person because they are black or a woman."

But now you have Palin...and the emphasize her womanhood...and motherhood...and her daughter her is knocked up...and her son who has downs. And now myself and everyone else (mainly women) are supposed get warm and fuzzy on the inside and be able to relate and vote for her.

My heart is not melting.
I'm not voting for a "totally cool hockey mom" from Alaska and an old man who is telling me that the recession is all mental and we are whiners.

And in March there were 80,000 jobs lost.


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