Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Declinging signficance of race and waffles?

Don't tell me for one minute that race still doesn't matter. Check out the response by the creator of such a racist product. They have no clue nor do they care to address their ignorance of not just what is printed in relation to Obama, but the larger issue of how what they call "satire" is part of a minstrel legacy of racialized stereotypes to dehumanize African Americans.

I'm going to go to Paul Mooney on this one. Remember when the "California Raisins" were popular back in the 1980s? Well lets get some marshmallows and put John and Cindy McCain on them. Oh, and don't forget about Palin too. I bet that the creators of the "Obama Waffles" would not find that so damn funny.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I cannot believe the institutionalized racism that goes on here! I haven't been back to your site in a while (you were vacationing) but this entry takes the cake!


underground hip hop said...

mmmm waffles... are these things endorsed by osama.. uh i meant obama

Veronica said...

I ran into this video before...and I was and still am amazed how no one is roaring over this. No one thinks this is racist and belittling.
Everything is OK!

Everything we say or even THINK about Palin is sexist. GOD FORBID you say anything negative about this "totally cool hockey mom" who just so happens to look like a "naughty librarian" you are a sexist...a hypocrite...and nobody's family is PALIN ALONE!
They say, "It's ok that she didn't know what the Bush Doctrine one really knows it. It was a trick question anyways."

But best sure if Obama didn't know the Doctrine....the response would be different..."OHHHH well he should have known...if you are running you should know these things...ohhhhh how could he not know!? Did you see how he danced around the question!?"

Sigh! Sorry I went off on a tangent.
I'm over it already!

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