Friday, April 04, 2008

Forty Years...

At some point today I hope you took time to reflect on the man, the movement, the countless others who shared his fate, giving the ultimate sacrifice as they struggled for justice. In his last book, Where do We Go from Here? Chaos or Community King cautions us to not allow time to be used unwisely. "Procrastination," he argues is still "the thief of time. Life often leaves us standing bare, naked, with a lost opportunity." Take time for self reflection/examination. King soberly warns, "This may well be mankind's last chance to choose between chaos or community." Let us work to make sure King's death and so many nameless others was not in vain


Veronica said...

Although Obama's pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright received numerous amounts of backlash for his teachings in the church--I must agree with one thing that he said that definitely lines up with the message Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King attempted to convey.
Rev. Wright discussed 9/11 in one of his sermons. "What should our response be", he questioned the Lord? He saw pictures of people jumping from roofs of buildings for their lives. People were on fire, jumping! "What should our response be!?" And the Lord shared with him, “This is a time for self examination.” It is a time for our own personal relationship with the God that you serve in regards to your faith and belief.
Many of us want to examine everyone else--we constantly want justice. But there is no better time like the present to do our own self-examination. There will be no change until we FIRST change ourselves. And that is why unfortunately we are beginning to see either regression or stagnation. There is very little progression, especially within the black community. And I am not saying that it is HORRIFIC, but there are so many ills in the black community! Why!? Because there is too much finger pointing and complaining and not enough "self examination." Once we begin to self-examine and take responsibility for our own actions then we can move towards realistic and sustainable change.
There is no better time like the present!

Much love and respect always
"You got a friend in Pennsylvania!" Veronica

Anonymous said...

I agree Veronica. Many times in our communities I find us complaining about the white man, but what is the real complaint? Because we are following down his path. Some things may appear to be little, but it defines character. Kids out in the middle of the street without the sense to move when cars drive by. Kids enjoying the beating of their teacher by another student. Racing through our communities at high speeds, but get mad when speed bumps are put in. Getting a degree and turning around and doing what? Working for the white race and yet we complain about what they do with their money. Why not put that on us? Why don't we demand more from our people with money and education to do more for their people. Yes this is America, but the white man/woman take care of themselves and it doesn't always mean racism. So why have we STOPPED doing the same.

I'd love to give a speech on this, but every race is doing for itself and creating independence in various industries. Ok. We have black barbershop, black nail saloons, liquor stores (too many), black night clubs, black colleges.

But were are we in the world of INDUSTRY???? We BUY, but we don't get PAID. No major broadcasting stations, no ownerships in Major Leagues, no electronics companies, no computer companies, no software companies, no game console companies, no gaming companies, no shoe companies (considering how much we endorse), no vehicle companies, and now space is on the verge of becoming a market and guess what NO ONE EITHER COMPETING FOR THE SPACE RACE.

And keep in mind when I say NO I'm talking major industries.
Example, I know there is console game about shooting up people as a gangsta. uh... no. I'm talking about like EA, UBISOFT, etc...

This is the path to our TRUE freedom and REAL respect. It would put an end to racism because we will provide a service for EVERYONE. No more "Black" this and that in the titles. Just give the company a name or initials and provide a service for everyone. The ABOUT in the company bio will identify your company as black.

NFL Players shouldn't agree to this exclusive EA deal either.
No sports organization should, but the players can have a major impact on this. Don't be sold out by exclusive licensing agreements like this.
- Greg

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