Friday, March 21, 2008

Shartpon gives Greta the Business...TWICE!

Rev. Al Sharpton exposes just how confused and racist FOX News is. Watch how host, Greta Van Susteren is unable to articulate her racist line of lies posed as questioning to Sharpton about the Rev. Wright's sermons. Since when did "The American Government"= White people? I have my own thoughts here, but she exposes her own warped racist logic. A prophetic voice is not the same as hate filled, bigoted speech...none of which the Rev. Wright uses, but see and listen for yourself.

Now here is round two...check out how calm again Rev. Sharpton is and how ignorant he makes Greta Van Susteren look. The only tragedy here is that white people, like Van Susteren, who do not want to engage in any type of accountability or any real discussion of the hypocrisy of America's founding. Only then can we, as a nation, begin a national dialogue on race to finally heal the wounds left from the trans-Atlantic slave trade and this republic's participation in it.

The way that this situation is being used to harm Senator Obama's campaign is criminal. Again the larger discussion is historical accountability. Wright's comments are in the same vein that Dr. King had about the government and Vietnam in 1967-1968. He, nor Wright are hate mongers, and in my estimation they are true patriots. A patriot is not blinded by empty nationalism but critiques and voices concerns that they deem appropriate. When they voice concerns it is out of a devotion to an ideal. In this instance that ideal is the Declaration of Independence and by association the Constitution of the United States. Whenever persons speak out in dissent of a prevailing or "understood" view they are labeled "traitors" and "extremists". Those most often offended by prophetic words are weak minded individuals who adhere to sightless loyalty and hindered by a guilty soul. Would FOX News call the framers of the Constitution extremists too? I guess Van
Susteren would have been loyal to the English Crown during the Revolution.

The ironic thing about this discussion of Obama is that it is exposing the historical scars that America bears and has fought diligently to hide like an aging Hollywood actress. Soon, there will be no historical make-up or vanishing cream to wipe away the blemishes of human suffering that created this empire.

May God be with us All.


Anonymous said...

And here's a novel idea Greta- the first amendment. Journalists of all people are supposed to know, appreciate, and fight for the very principle that powers their profession. Especially at the network level, Greta should know better than that, but alas she and FOX are blinded by their bias. Since when is questioning the government a bad thing? American institutions (in this case the general term "government") as well as elected officials and people in the public eye (in this case the Clinton's) are subject to more scrutiny. That comes along with their position. That is also something taught at every reputable journalism school across the country. Still, Rev. Wright's critiques about the government and the Clinton's never targeted individual race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Conversely, the Rutgers women's basketball team- they're not elected officials, they're not celebrities. Even if they were, the comments made by Don Imus had nothing to do with their athletic skills and all to do with their race and gender. A network that not-so-subtly supports blind patriotism and "democracy" challenges freedom of speech- something this "one republic for which we stand" is founded upon.

The Uppity Negro said...

I remember watching these clips of Sharpton on Ms. Van Susteren's show and I was at that moment trying to fathom why do black people, aside from the likes of rabid nutcases like Jesse Lee Peterson et. al., go on the show? But I know Rev. Sharpton is known for holding is own. The question raised is why does Ms. Van Susteren have a show on FOXNews--she is by far one of the MOST unattractive on the show (note the crooked mouth) not to mention she could NOT hold her own against her own claims.

I mean, for what its worth, Hannity in all of his foolishness that aboundeth, he at least never loses control of his show. I don't even want to begin with the plethora of psychological problems with Ms.Van Susteren and FOXNews

negrointellectual said...

I agree with both your comments. The quality of journalism is take back with FOX news and also I wonder what sometimes is the purpose of going on FOX News if you are a conscious black person. I mean I enjoy seeing people like Sharpton give Hannity and the like some of their own medicine, but why? Of course I would love to see my frat Roland Martin serve Sean Hannity!

Negro Intellectual

Anonymous said...

Anyone look closely at the video when he was talking about Hillary or Bill???? There are white people in the audience AGREEING with his statements. No one has brought this out and why not since his statements were so offense to whites????? Because they hear the sermons in context and there are plenty of white people who feel the same.

Fox isn't the only that does this.
I just watched CNN/HLN with this "Bitter" word that Obama used.
Again, they don't provide the full story. They show Hillary saying how she see a lot of resilient, strong people. No freak'n joke. But Obama is speaking about the tone of people not their character. They are bitter and rightly so. If they are smart they will vote for Obama come April 22 and put and end to this mess. Hillary is so fake it is pathetic and the media needs to put away this open ticket she has been given. Obama has yet to complain about the media and this is all she and her followers do and yet she is suppose to represent strength and being a fighter????? Please!!!

I also want to see someone address 2 McCain issues.
ONE: Citizenship - don't let white America sweep this under the rug. They were trying to do the same for Arnold because of popularity.

TWO: Songbird - Do a McCain and Songbird search on google and you will find some interesting conflicting things about this supposed hero. Can't debate he was a POW, but what he did AS a POW is being shoved under the rug for now, but I understand a veterans group will bring it to light during the campaign. ;)

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