Monday, February 25, 2008

Dick Gregory on Bill Clinton the "Black President"

Like Isaiah Washington's character in the film Love Jones, Bro. Dick Gregory breaks it down "so that it can forever and consistently be broken!" PREACH TRUTH BRUH! SPEAK TRUTH!

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J-Laz said...

first, let me say that Dick Gregory depsite all of his antics was on point with his analysis of Bill Clinton and the other analogies that he used (eg. concerning malt liquor). However, I wonder just how appropriate was his antics in the whole scheme of the SOTBU? Dick Gregory was good for soundbytes, but those comments that he gave sounded very much like the ravings of an old man and clearly able to be dismissed.

And for what it's worth, honestly, could anyone imagine Barack Obama being remotely associated with the punditry of Dick Gregory at all and still expect to not be labeled the "black" candidate and still have the wide-reaching appeal that he has today? Sadly, I believe Dick Gregory merely followed the suit of both the first panel and the others on that afternoon panel of engaging the politics of the day and not giving enough equal time to the other issues that are as equally germane to the black community at-large.

However, after is said and done, Dick Gregory should be taken with a grain of salt. He's a political satirist and he was doing what he has historically done and that was to be provocative while telling the truth.

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